Tracking SINARTRACK provide facilities for a wide variety of land and sea vehicles specifically designed for enterprise customers and individual customers in Indonesia .

How It Works

Each customer vehicles SINARTRACK installed a GPS tracking device . The tool will automatically send position data to the Tracking Server in the data center SINARTRACK using cellular networks GSM / GPRS / Satellite . To monitor the position of the vehicle , customers only need to visit the site tracking the browser on your PC / Laptop.


Benefit - Corporate

  • Increased efficiency of distribution fleet
  • Improved customer service
  • Supervision of human resources who operate vehicles
  • Security vehicles or cargo are loaded in case of theft
  • Improve vehicle / cargo security
  • Emphasis fuel costs , maintenance costs , and the cost of Mobile Telecommunications

    Benefit - Individual

  • Supervision of human resources , children , or anyone who operate vehicles
  • Security vehicle in case of theft
  • Emphasis fuel costs , maintenance costs , telecommunications charges

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